Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

Story and Character

This is our flagship wine, opulent and balanced with an exceptional multi dimensional personality that evolves as it transcends across your palate. Vivid blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry notes mixed with African violet and maduro tobacco. Racing acidity, and an enveloping velvet like tannin rolls over your tongue. Rich undertones of dark chocolate and caramel linger into a finish that refuses to give way.

A truly balanced masterpiece, cascading across the palate with new and ever evolving notes. Designed to be enjoyed today or cellared for decades. This wine personifies our unwavering commitment to excellence and the pursuit of perfection.

This was the first wine we set out to make, the others more or less formed around this as a progression and exploration in varying vineyard terroirs. Stylistically we always knew Oakville would give us the foundation upon which we could pursue our goal and build our label. It is the perfect conflux in Napa Valley between North and South, East and West. It provides exceptional balance, exceptional sophistication. This is uncompromising Napa Valley Cabernet at its highest level.

Oakville AVA

100% Cabernet Sauvignon, optically sorted, and small tank fermented. Ultra low yields, free run juice only. Aged in the finest 100% new French Oak barrels for 28 months. The stave wood is hand selected for ultra tight grain, then air dried for a minimum of three years. 5 different cooperages were used, each imparting a unique character into the wine.

25+ year old vines sitting on rich deposits of clay, fine sands and pronounced gravel bars. Exceptional drainage while retaining the nutrients needed to craft exquisite wines.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Red, Blue, and black fruit, dark chocolate and maduro tobacco. Opulent, perfectly balanced, multi dimensional personality

Production Volume
3,600 Bottles

First Vintage