Ethos and Story


Commitment To Excellence

Kennedy Cellars is a boutique producer of limited collection hedonistic wines made the showcase Napa Valley at its finest. Each wine is vineyard and appellation designate, and hand crafted without any compromises at every step, from the vineyard to the final bottling. We endeavour to create a journey through taste and smell, leaving lasting memories with every glass and bottle.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Founded in 2018 by Johnathon Kennedy Sipos, whose passion for wine and business led him to merge the two and start a small production wine label committed to uncompromising wines above all else. To him the wine business was the perfect conflux of business, art, and science. From the beginning Johnathon knew that he wanted to be hands on with every decision made, from Vineyard and block selection, being present and hands on at all harvests and winemaking steps, to cork and bottle decisions. No detail is too small to refine and finesse in the pursuit of perfection, as the difference between good and great is the smallest fraction.



Our Story Bottom_resized

Balance. We believe that the most exceptional wines all share one thing in common, Balance. The ability to distinguish multiple notes and characteristics distinctly, yet to experience them all working in harmony, with no single note overpowering and over riding another. It was with this guiding stylistic principle that we embarked on our wine making journey.

Each wine we craft is both appellation, and vineyard designate. We work with some of the leading viticulturists of Napa Valley to source exceptional blocks within exceptional vineyards. We hand select barrels from the leading cooperages in France and Italy, ensuring every barrel we select has been stave aged for at least three years.

Our wine making principles are simple, do not compromise. Do not put yield per ton of grapes ahead of quality, do not rush the process of barrel aging simply to meet release dates, do not select inferior glass, labels or most importantly corks. Everything we do, we do in pursuit of our goal, crafting the finest wine Napa Valley can deliver.